The Man With the Mustache

Hugh F Miller Insurance Agency The Man with the Mustache.png

How He Did It

No matter how much we try, we cannot thank Hugh F. Miller enough for starting such an exemplary business that has thrived these past 30 years, and will thrive for years to come.

So, we want to know, what’s behind all that success? A few simple questions were asked of the “Man with the Mustache”, and here’s what he had to say:

Question 1

When asked why he was so successful, Hugh said,

“I was ambitious, I had to pay the mortgage”.

He also said he had to take care of his family and put food on the table.

Question 2

Next, the age old question: when did Hugh start growing the mustache.

“It was September 3rd, 1973”,

He replied. He was in a motorcycle accident that banged up his face pretty bad. So bad, he was unable to shave for a while. After growing his facial hair, he decided he might as well make it look good. Thus, the famous mustache was born.

Question 3

Lastly, Hugh was asked his words to live by. Hugh took a minute to think about this one. After all, he has had many different phrases he uses on a daily basis, some you may recognize: “That’ll cost extra” or “Glad you got to see me” among many others.

However, his words to live by were a little different, it was obvious he really believed what he was saying, because he did live by these next words.

He simply stated,

“You pray for luck, but you work like hell”.

Hugh F Miller Insurance Agency The Man with the Mustache.png