30 Years of Service, Stability, and Satisfaction

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History in the Making

Over 30 years ago, a young man named Hugh F. Miller grew tired of the farming business. However, he still needed to make a living and support his family. Hugh’s brother, Paul, then showed him the ropes in the insurance business.

On July 15th of 1985, Hugh opened Hugh F. Miller Insurance Agency. The company opened with no company contracts of any kind and no premium on the books. To start out, Hugh said his strategy was to make a list of 100 names, and just start calling.

Turns out, that strategy proved to be successful. He wrote his first farm policy on July 21st of that year. Then in the first 12 months, Hugh wrote $100,000 worth of premium and from November 22nd, 1985 to December 27th, 1986 he wrote 157 life policies alone.

It’s easy to see that Hugh F. Miller started out strong. He started out in a one room office, not sure where this insurance business would lead. Needless to say, it snowballed into a career that ran in the family’s blood, creating an empire for the Miller generations to come.

Over the Years

Hugh F Miller Insurance Agency 30 Years of Service Stability and Satisfaction

Since starting in 1985, HFM has been family owned and operated. We pride ourselves in the staff we have acquired over the years, a majority of that staff being family members.

Betty, Hugh’s wife, began as his secretary in 1992 after previously working with his brother Pauls’  at another agency

Veronica, Hugh’s youngest daughter, started as a part time employee in 1987, and then became licensed in 1990. She now is part owner of the agency.

Jennifer, Hugh’s second to youngest daughter, became licensed in 1994 and is also part owner of HFM.

Michael, Veronica’s husband, started as a part time agent in 2001. He became licensed in June of that year. Since then, he has become a full time agent in 2004, and has come to own part of the agency also.

These are just 4 of the 22 family members to have worked at HFM Insurance Agency since its opening. Other current employees include Kane Gillette, Pete Miller, Morgan Edwards, and Reghan Edwards.  Among family members, HFM has wonderful other staff members, who recently became licensed. You can read about them here .

Overall, The Miller family has single handedly run an honorable insurance agency since its opening, redefining what it means to have an independent agent you can trust.

Trust Us to Help You

Customers like you are the foundation of our business. This phrase you may often see when it comes to our business. We repeat this so often because we know this is true. Our clients are the reason we are still thriving today. In fact, we still have policies in force that were written at the beginning in 1985.  

We have so many clients we would like to thank for making our business so successful. Without you, and Hugh who started it all, we wouldn’t be celebrating a 30th Anniversary.

We have been so appreciative and very dedicated to our clients. We pride ourselves in our service, stability, and satisfaction with our clientele. Help us make the next 30 years just as great as the last.

Thank You for a Remarkable 30 Years

-Staff at Hugh F. Miller Insurance Agency