Love Insurance: How to take care of your family and their future

Many families struggle with the same problem. Money.

Financial stress is the number one reason for arguments among couples and families. So why don’t we talk about a solution to this problem?


Well there is one big solution that doesn’t have to cost you big $$. Life Insurance. Or, as we like to think of it, Love Insurance.

There is often misconceptions about the need for Life Insurance. People think it’s a waste of money to pay for an insurance policy that they could never use in their own life. But that’s the thing. Life Insurance isn’t necessarily for you, it’s for the loved ones around you.

Here’s Why

Let’s put this into perspective. Julie and Tim have three kids spanning from ages of 14 to 22. They both work full time jobs and have just enough money to feel comfortable with monthly bills, as well as paying for their children’s college and other school things.


But one day, Julie passes away unexpectedly. Left with an unimaginable loss, her family is now left to pay for her funeral expenses. Mortgage payments start to stack up, the grocery shopping becomes more difficult, and Tim is left having to care for all of his children by himself.

Thankfully though, Julie had a Life Insurance policy. This pays out immediately after her death, meaning that her funeral expenses are easily covered. Her family doesn’t have to feel financially strapped with the absence of her paycheck.

This is just one version of our clients stories who invest in Life Insurance. When we take a moment to think about what the money from a Life Insurance can do for your family once you’re gone, it becomes more apparent why we call it Love Insurance.

Get Even More

With a Life Insurance policy, you can live comfortably after a loved one has passed. Here’s some more specifics on what a policy can do for you and your family.

  • Life Insurance death benefits are received free of income tax.

  • The benefits of Life Insurance are delivered immediately after death, no wait period.

  • A Life Insurance policy through your independent agent follows you, no matter what job you have. Unlike policies offered through employers.

  • They offer peace of mind with little to no risk.

So, why do you have Love Insurance? Or why do you think you need Love Insurance? Follow along our Insure Your Love campaign on all social channels during the month of February. Tag your posts with #InsureYourLove and tell us why you protect your life with this valuable coverage.