How to Watch for Winter Weather Problems.

With the extremely cold temperatures and wind chills well into the negatives, it’s important to know what risks you may face.


Prevent Frozen Pipes

During this cold weather, frozen pipes could easily become a reality within your home. Keeping a drip going in your faucets is an easy step during extreme cold to help prevent water damage. Follow the rest of these steps to help decrease your risk of a pipe disaster

  • Provide a reliable back-up power source to ensure continuous power to your home

  • Insulate all attic penetrations

  • Ensure proper seals on all doors and windows

  • Seal all cracks and openings in exterior walls.


Prevent Roof Collapse

Heavy snow and ice can accumulate this time of year. While we don’t recommend going out into this cold weather to remove any buildup, we want you to be aware of this problem. Once the weather warms up to comfortable conditions, remove excess snow with a rake and an arm extension that can have you reach from the ground.


Again, do not try to brave this cold and make a fix during low temps. Wait until temperatures are safe to remove excess snow.

Power Outage Prep

Learn how to use alternative heat sources and generators safely should you experience a power outage. More information is available here. Also, if you have the supplies, put together an emergency preparedness kit in case of long outages. Gather up food, water, and any medications you may need should you be without power for an extended period of time. Have flashlights and candles ready as well.

Driving Conditions


Our chamber has informed us of the possible risks this weather brings. Due to the cold, your car may stall, not allowing for travel. Due to winds and cold, one inch of snow on the ground will act like ten inches. Frostbite can set in within five minutes. Should you go out and drive, and your car becomes stranded, help cannot quickly get to you because of the weather. Stay safe and don’t drive unless absolutely necessary.

Stay Safe & Warm


Most importantly, we want you and your family to be safe. The temperatures are dangerous, so keep your kids indoors and warm.

Please stay safe and warm. We have announced a closure for tomorrow, Wednesday January 30th. For more information, click here.

Information sourced from: National General Insurance Company, and the Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Reghan Edwards