Nathional Thank A Farmer Day

Farmers are the backbone of our country.

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Every time you eat a meal, put on a tshirt, wrap your family in a blanket, or fill up your car with gas, you should thank a farmer. Sometimes we forget just how important these men and women in agriculture are.

As we move into harvest season, let’s take a look at some facts to celebrate all that farmers offer us.

  • 2 million farms dot America’s rural landscape. About 98% of U.S. farms are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships or family corporations

  • 87% of U.S. ag products sold are produced on family farms or ranches.

  • Cattle and calves, corn, and soybeans are the top 3 U.S. farm products.

  • One day’s production for a high-producing dairy cow yields 4.8 pounds of butter or 8.7 gallons of ice cream or 10.5 pounds of cheese.

  • Farmers and ranchers receive only 15 cents out of every dollar spent on food at home and away from home. The rest goes for costs beyond the farm gate: wages and materials for production, processing, marketing, transportation and distribution. In 1980, farmers and ranchers received 31 cents.

  • The pounds of feed (grain, forage, etc.) a dairy cow needs to eat to produce 100 pounds of milk has decreased by more than 40% on average in the last 40 years.

  • About 11% of U.S. farmers are serving or have served in the military.

National Thank a Farmer day is October 12th, and if you ask us it should be every day. Take a moment to thank the farmers and their families in your life, or share online with #ThankAFarmer. Facts courtesy of

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