How And Why to Protect Yourself While Entertaining

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  1. Minimize slipping hazards

    Ensure all walkways and stairs are clear and in good condition.

    Why it Matters: Slip and fall incidents can injure guests and potentially lead to legal action against the homeowner.

  2. Hire reputable vendors

    Obtain a signed contract documenting whatever service is provided by each vendor. Each vendor should be insured as well with proper coverage.

    Why It Matters: In the event of problems caused by vendors (faulty lighting, food poisoning, etc.) you could be held responsible if underlying coverage is not in place.

  3. Be smart when serving alcohol

    Designate a bartender to help monitor alcohol consumption during your event. Never serve alcohol to minors.

    Why It Matters: Laws vary widely, but in some states a homeowner can be sued for “social host negligence” if an intoxicated guest leaves the event and causes an accident or injury.

  4. Carefully consider activity choices

    Have basic medical first-aid equipment on hand to treat any minor injuries. Supply safety equipment for any activity, such as life jackets or bike helmets, or request your guests to bring their own.

    Why It Matters: While many incidents can be prevented with proper safety protocols, those that can’t be avoided can lead to catastrophic injury as well as costly liability claims.

  5. Make parking part of the plan

    If you plan to have guest park along the street, obtain permission from your community association or neighbors. Ensure there is adequate lighting in the driveway or parking areas.

    Why It Matters: Not providing adequate parking can lead to vehicles being towed, causing an unneeded disruption and thousands of dollars in towing and recovery fees.


More to Consider

Block off any parts of your home that you consider private and not part of the party venue. Don't assume that visitors will respect your privacy.

Securely lock up guns or other weapons that are in your home. Even objects on display should be secured if they will draw attention and can be accessed.

If not part of the entertainment, put away nuisance attractions such as dirt bikes, ATVs, skateboards or anything else that guests may be tempted to try without the necessary skills or experience.

Lock up valuables in a secure safe or consider temporarily moving them to a bank vault or other secure storage. Also consider moving fragile items (décor, artwork) out of high-traffic areas.

Unless they are specifically part of the entertainment, all pets should be separated from the event. Guests may be afraid of certain pets or suffer from allergies. All animals, regardless of how docile, can lash out unexpectedly if they feel threatened.

Overall when entertaining, you've got more to think of than just what theme your party is or what food to serve. These risks, and more, are important to prepare for. An easy and efficient way to protect yourself from all of the risks mentioned above? An Umbrella Policy.

Our agents can’t tell you how important being protected beyond your usual homeowners policy can be.

Contact our agency to learn more about what Umbrella Coverage can do for you and your family.

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