6 Stages in Life to Consider Insurance

Life changes quickly.

With new seasons of life can come changes to our insurance. Here’s a six stages that you may not know could warrant a change in Life Coverage.

1. Married or Getting Married

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Joining two families together is special. Weddings are a great event to trigger a look at your current Life Insurance. Whether you want to purchase new policies together, or add your spouse as a beneficiary, there’s plenty of reasons to review your coverage.

2. A Parent or About To Become One

If you’re expanding your family, you should be expanding your life coverage, too. Protect your bundle of joy with insurance, so if something should happen, money won’t have to be the first thing on your mind.

3. Homeowner

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Buying your first home is very exciting. A mortgage, however, not so much. To ensure your family isn’t burdened with bills and that they would struggle to pay, insurance can help.

4. Changing Jobs

Lots of employers offer Life Insurance as benefits, which is really great. But what some people don’t realize is that coverage doesn’t follow you when you leave that job. Trying to find the same policy for the same price, but later in life, can prove almost impossible. So securing a Life Insurance policy outside of the workplace can be the way to go.

5. Retired or Planning To


Retirement is the perfect time to prepare for your future with a Life Insurance policy. This type of coverage can build a cash value, which is very valuable during retirement years. Plus, Life Insurance isn’t affected by the stock market, so your cash is safe.

6 - Single Household

Just because you have no children or spouse doesn’t mean you have no family. Should something happen, your next of kin (parents, siblings, etc.) will be responsible for your bills and payments. Don’t leave your family with the burden of debt.

To learn more about what Life Insurance can do for you at whatever stage your in, call our agency and speak to our licensed agents at (815) 626-1300.

Reghan Edwards